Whether you need to keep cool in summer with an air conditioning system or warm in winter with a heating system, we provide the resources you need to achieve either or both in an affordable and efficient manner.

hvacHaving an air conditioning system is just like having a magical temperature regulator in every room of your house. There are fixed systems and portable room cooling units that all have their place in today's modern, climate regulated home.

This website exists to help you to know and understand what the several different types of air cooling device and heating system are and how they work. It is also set up to provide useful reviews of a selection of popular systems and individual models that people can buy for themselves and either have a professional engineer install it in their homes or businesses, or if they are handy and know how, to do it themselves.

I want to take a look at the areas this site deals with, to give you an idea of what to expect when you take a closer look inside:

Air Conditioners

cool hvac extractorWhat types of air conditioner systems and models are there to choose from? Let's take a quick look at them here, but for more information I have provided some in-depth articles within this website on every aspect of the subject to help you gain a complete knowledge of them.

Of course you can extend your research externally and I want to recommend a great site that provides a lot of useful information on the subject at Air Conditioner Zone. On the other hand, you could stay right here are have a look at what I have put together for you on the various types of istallation or standalone device you can choose for your home or workplace.

Here are the main types:

Single Housed Unit

It's exactly what it sounds like! Suited for cooling down a small room

Dual Housed Unit

Primarily suited to cool larger rooms, this type of device is capable of expelling hot air to the outside more quickly. They are perfect for stabilizing the temperature in the room faster while working as economically as possible to maintain a comfortable indoor climate.

Split Configuration

A split air conditioner has two separate units that connect to each other with refrigerant pipes. These are usually considered the most superior because of the reduction in noise and no drainage is needed.

The only drawback with this configuration is that it cannot be kept within a room that has no external wall or access to the outside via vents or ducting.

Portable Air Conditioners

These are the standalone units on wheels that can be used in any room in the home or business as needed. Since they are not permanently installed, they are easy to transport and compact. The general idea is that if you need more cooling in the kitchen when you are cooking a meal, you can bring the cool air with you!

There are some different types available, from the standard kind with a water tray that needs periodical emptying and a newer self evaporating portable air conditioner that doesn't need a tray because it processes the excess moisture differently to expel it all out through the vent.

Why Choose a Portable AC?

Portable air conditioners are not only cost effective, but also attractive. Since you can move them easily, you can cool down a room like the kitchen, very quickly. In addition, they store very easily when not in use.

A portable air conditioner that you can roll from room to room might appeal to you if your window space is limited or if you live in a building where regular room air conditioners are prohibited. They are economical and attractive as well!